Snack Attack: My Top Five Guilt Free Goodies

“Hi, I’m Sam. And I’m a chocoholic.”

As a model I‘m often on the go and am always looking for “healthy” snacks for an afternoon boost. As much as I would love to dive head first into a box of chocolate everyday it’s not exactly the wisest move, neither for my career nor my physical well-being. Of course fruit and nuts are the obvious “healthy” choice, but this famous duo is pretty damn boring if you ask me. And let’s be honest, whenever did an apple really satisfy your 3pm sugar craving?

As a raging chocoholic – every day is chocolate day – I’m always on he hunt for yummy afternoon snacks that will satisfy my daily addiction without compromising nutrition and taste. Whether it’s dark cacao or a date-sweetened bar, these are my top five go-to snacks for the sweet-toothed girl on the run with health on her mind.

snack attack2

  1. Wonder Chocolate Organic Dark Chocolate 73%

As I mentioned, I only eat chocolate on days ending in Y. So yes, that would be every single day. A habit like this can be a little precarious for the body and skin, but that’s where Big Tree Farms Wonder Chocolate comes in. Organic, raw and refined-sugar free, their 73% Dark Chocolate bar is made of only three ingredients – cold-processed cacao beans, cacao butter and it’s sweetened with coconut palm nectar. Ticking all the boxes on taste and texture too you’d almost swear it’s too good to be true, but rest assured this is one miracle chocolate treat that lives up to the hype. As always size matters and this little baby scores well in that regard too. You can enjoy the whole mini block without so much as a hint of guilt. How wonderful.

  1. Ceres Organic Raw Food Bar Ginger

I tend to steer clear of the muesli bar aisle in the supermarket. Have you ever actually looked at what’s in those supposed “healthy” snacks? A whole lot of bad stuff, that’s what! That’s why I felt like I’d struck gold when I discovered the Ceres Organic Raw Bars while getting a coffee at Ponsonby Central. There’s four varieties and I’ve tried them all but the ginger one is by far the best. If you’re a fan of ginger give this one a try, it’s all kinds of spicy goodness that will definitely hit your sweet spot. Once again it’s made from only three ingredients – dates, almonds and ground ginger – plus it’s organic and it tastes ah-mazing. Go on, spice up your life!

  1. Frooze Balls Original

Take a look in my handbag any day of the week and chances are you’ll spy a packet of Frooze Balls floating about. These raw energy snack balls come in packs of five and are an ideal afternoon snack when you’re craving something sweet. The ‘Original’ is my favourite although they come in banana and apricot too. Made predominantly from fruit and nuts, the original flavour is a delicious mix of dates, cashews, almonds, carob (so they have a slight chocolatey taste) and coconut. They’re only $1.95 a pack at Harvest Wholefoods too so I suggest you stock up!

  1. Pana Chocolate Raw Cacao 60%

Oh boy, where to begin with this next one. Pana Chocolate is like the holy grail of vegan chocolate. I know you think you’ve tried chocolate that melts in your mouth, but take a bite of this stuff and you might want to rethink your previous definition. The Cacao flavor is like a rich, fudgy dream; it’s a decadent treat in both taste and texture and just a small bite will send you into chocolate heaven. It’s kind of like that naughty friend you probably shouldn’t play with every day though, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun when you do. Yes it’s raw, vegan, and organic, but this little baby does pack a lot of fat but oh man is it worth it. Plus it’s not exactly on the cheap side; at $8 for a small bar I suggest you savour every bite, but hey you pay for quality and this delight is handmade in Melbourne with love.

  1. Moonbar Pistachio & Date Oddity

The newest addition to my snack pack, the Pistachio & Date Oddity Moonbar is 100% natural and 100% yum. High in protein and fibre (thanks to all those nuts, seeds and dates), this little bar is a sweet mix of nature’s goodness and a perfect choice for a quick energy boost. You should be able to find this one in your health food aisle at the supermarket too which makes it a nice and easy to get your hands on. Sweet and salty, it’s a damn good thing.

FYI I’m not actually a raw vegan, or even a vegan for that matter, but I happen to find these snacks provide a much healthier choice than all those standard processed options disguising themselves as “wholesome”. Nourish your body, nourish your soul. Enjoy!

Note: If you’re in Auckland all of these snacks can be purchased online or in store at Harvest Wholefoods in Grey Lynn, Huckleberry Farms in Glen Innes or Royal Oak, and Wise Cicada in Newmarket. You’ll be able to find them elsewhere too but be wary of being overcharged.

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