Wake Up With Creative Mornings Auckland

When you grow up somewhere it’s all too easy to get stuck in a routine of sameness. You do the same things with the same people and while that may seem all well and good it certainly lacks imagination and you’ll probably find yourself complaining of being “bored”. Life is all about growth is it not? So what better way to grow than to step outside your bubble into the great unknown. There’s a lot going on in the city around you, you just have to find it. Here’s a start…


Auckland born and bred, I’m always on the lookout for new things to inspire me about this city. Branching out from the familiar, meeting the unfamiliar and learning something along the way pretty much sums up my idea of a good time and it’s certainly something I give great value in this game of life. As someone who’s in constant need of mental stimulation, nothing gets me more excited than finding pockets of creativity around me that I never knew existed. On a recent search for inspiration I stumbled across Creative Mornings Auckland and on Friday I went along to my first talk.

Creative Mornings is a monthly morning lecture series and community for the creative, mover and shaker, dreamer and believer types of the world. What started as a brilliant idea in New York now spans 99 cities around the world, and believe me we are lucky to be one of them. Think inspiring speakers, (free) Supreme coffee and some great company, all before the workday stars. It’s like a live Ted Talk in a sense, except it’s free, and it celebrates people doing cool things in our communities, many of whom you’ve probably never heard of. Each month there’s a different theme, different speaker and a different location, and each meeting is a chance to meet some new people, expand your mind and best of all be inspired.


The talk I saw on Friday featured theatre legend and former Silo Theatre director Shane Bosher and his replacement Sophie Elliot whom some of you may recognise from the stage. Befittingly it was held at the Basement Theatre, with everybody’s favourite funny man Eddy Denver (from Snort) leading the conversation. This month’s theme was crossing over, so it was a discussion of change, passion, transitions and skill, all rooted in the most sincere love of theatre and it’s miraculous ability to “change lives”, as Shane so eloquently put it.


Organised by the clever folk at Curative and some very kind volunteers, Creative Mornings Auckland is the very best excuse to be just a little late to work (30 minutes or so, no biggie). Start the day right and head along to a talk – I can’t think of a better way to meet some new people, learn some cool things and remind yourself that the city around you is bigger than you think (plus who can say no to Supreme coffee at 8am?). Exciting things are happening here friends. Now get outside the bubble and go find them!

Note: You can join the conversation and follow Creative Mornings Auckland on Twitter and Facebook. You can thank me later…

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