NZ Sculpture OnShore


One of the best things about the summer months would have to be the wave of outdoor activities rolling on to our shores. From cinema to markets, exhibitions to theatre, Auckland knows how to turn it on when the weather warms up, and what a welcome pleasure it is indeed.

This week sees a couple of wonderful events taking place in the City of Sails – Taste of Auckland for the foodies and NZ Sculpture OnShore for the art lovers; the latter of which I checked out on Monday morning. It may not be Bondi’s Sculptures by the Sea, but Devonport’s exhibition is full of our revered Kiwi charm. Sure some of the pieces may be pretty “crafty”, especially to the distinguished art eye, but the backdrop of Rangitoto certainly paints an idyllic picture. Either way, art and the ocean is a wonderful thing, plus it’s nice to just be outside.

One of my favourite sculptures was John Ferguson’s ‘Blooming Buckets’. Bursting with energy it just fills your heart with happy vibes.


Another standout was Kevin McCardell‘s ‘Best seat in the house’ piece. The detailing is incredible – it’s made entirely of Aspen wood and even standing up close it looks like real leather. Hello lazy Sunday morning…



Dion Hitchens ‘Kaarewarewa’ was beautiful in motion, the birds flying with the breeze.


Kirsten Newton ‘The Paper Crane’. Perfect in its simplicity.


Jack Marsden-Mayer’s ‘Humpback Whale’ was hard to miss. This steel and driftwood structure was suitably at home near the ocean.


‘The Three Sisters’ by Anna Korver was also quite striking. Working in harmony, I think these pieces work best as a trio but at $5000 a pop they ain’t cheap.


And of course Sharon Earl’s lifesize ‘Warhorse’ was another magnificent sculpture. Made of welded steel and lacquer, the attention to detail and craftsmanship of this was extraordinary.


I should mention there’s a little exhibition gallery on site too where you can purchase some small pieces. If I were you I’d start my Christmas shopping early and pick up a few gifts for the family.


Take a walk in the fresh air with NZ Sculpture OnShore. The exhibiton will be on until Sunday November 16. Adults tickets are only $15 with proceeds going to Women’s Refuge. Pack a picnic or stop by the pop-up cafe and enjoy a couple of hours in the world of 3D art, with the best view in town.

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  1. A group of friends went on Sunday to support my friend Jack’s whale sculpture. I only wish we had more time, we only allowed ourselves an hour and a half so felt a bit rushed towards the end. I didn’t realise there were so many sculptures. I loved the best seat in the house and the lunch boxes was a cool concept too.

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