Forever and a Daydream


Photo credit: Pari Dukovic.


Forever and a Daydream

A poem by Samantha Shorter


Cloudy thoughts of sun and rain,

Of bittersweet, of love and pain.

A memory dressed up in red,

The universe inside her head.


A dreamland only she can go,

A paradise of heart and soul.

To walk through time and dance with dust,

A burning, travelling wanderlust.


But wanderlust of wander lost,

Or wondering of love and lust.

She slips through time and falls in space,

Her universe, an endless chase.


A headless walk, a heavy heart,

A sunless sky, a starless dark.

Her beauty masked, her body caught,

Her mind a paradox of thought.


But then again she sails away,

Adrift at sea, no map, no way.

To lose and find herself in one,

But for how long, to stay or run?

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