Auckland born and bred, it wasn’t long after finishing school I got the travel bug and modelling gave me my first ticket out of here. Watching An Education (one of my favourite films of all time and consequently the most significant) on the plane to Singapore I had one of those what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life moments. Reluctantly cutting my three-month trip short to return to university, I later graduated from AUT in 2011 with a Bachelor of Communication Studies, PR major.

With my back-up plan in place, the real adventure began. Free to run away again I set out on a mission to chase summer, taking the warm weather with me for a never-ending 30 months of sunshine. From Auckland to Munich to Milan to Sydney to Los Angeles to Miami, and all the other places in between, I was, as some might say, ‘living the dream’. After two years on the road I headed back Auckland at the end of April this year to focus on a career in television presenting, and here I am. Home sweet home and it ain’t so bad.

I consider myself a bit of a gypsy; I’m happiest on the road, chasing thrills and making new friends. It’s the adventure that makes me tick; the amalgam of cultures, people, languages, food, landscapes, and all the emotions that come along with it. It’s those pinch-me experiences and charmed encounters that I live for, like skydiving out of a plane or having a spirited conversation with a random stranger. Some might say I’m crazy, I say I live for the moment.

Bright Eyes is my journey, shared. Come play with me in My City or Run Away with me to a new one. Dine with me in Bite or refuel in the Coffee Corner. Indulge in films and books in Culture (coming soon) or relax with me and Unwind. Talk fashion in Runway or chat hair and makeup in Beauty. Read Conversations with the people who inspire me, or lose yourself in my Journal, my personal collection of reminisced moments.

Welcome to Bright Eyes. Come along for the ride.

Samantha Shorter

Facebook: Bright Eyes Blog. Instagram: @brighteyes_samanthashorter. Twitter: @brighteyesblog. Tumblr: bright-eyes-blog.tumblr.com.

Photography by Courtney Rodwell. Miami, 2014. Photography by Courtney Rodwell. Miami, 2014.

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